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I LOVE just sitting down and listening to a good podcast, especially on true crime. Here is my post on my favourite 10/10 podcaster.

True Crime Garage

True Crime Garage is my absolute favourite podcast, my number one. True Crime Garage is run by a guy who we call the captain and a guy we call Nic. They are like embarrassing dads, but in a good way. They started out in 2015 and have way over 100 podcast episodes. They expore; serial killers, unsolved cases, mass murder, ect. They cover a new case each week, or sometimes have a 2/3 part series of a case. The podcast is so laid back and casual with a lot of discussion between them both, this is something i loved. I love hearing their thoughts on the case. They start off by discussing what happened, going through each detail and once they’ve explained that they then go in with their theories or just their thoughts on the case. It’s interesting to hear especially when they both have different ideas about the cases.

Nic also gives us book reccomendations every week, which they put up on their website – here. Check those books out, all super interesting!

I have tried listening to other podcasts and i do enjoy other ones but for me True Crime Garage is my ride or die, it’s the podcast which I will listen to EVERY single week.

There latest podcast is a two part series –

Bruce McArthur: Toronto’s Missing Men

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I find True Crime Garage the most enjoyable podcast to listen to. The captain and Nic are the podcasters of true crime, in my opinion.

Big fan from the UK.


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Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer
classification: serial killer
characteristics: murder, rape, necrophilia, dismemberment and cannibalism
number of victims: 17
time frame of murders: June 18, 1978–July 19, 1991
date of arrest: July 22, 1991
victims: mostly African-American men
method of murder: laced alcohol with drugs and then strangled them.
status: Killed by a fellow prison inmate in 1994.

Who was Jeffrey Dahmer?

Dahmer was born May 21, 1960 to November 28, 1994 he was an American serial killer.

Dahmer claims that his compulsions toward necrophilia and murder began around the age of 14, but it appears that the breakdown of his parents’ marriage and their divorce a few years later may have been the catalyst for turning these thoughts into actions. He also suffered a trouble high school life, with not fitting in and avoiding others.

Dahmer was a gay man who struggled with his sexuality, he took to meeting men in gay bars and bringing them back to his apartment with the offering of sex and money. Dahmer was desperate for the validation and was torn with the fact these men would have to leave him at some point. That was what led to Dahmer murdering them, this meant they wouldn’t have to leave. He’d drug them with drug induced alcohol and then he’d strangle them. After they were dead he would dismember them. He’d keep heads in the fridge and sometimes genitals. Dahmer would dispose of the rest of the bodies. He would photograph the process of the murders to keep as a memory so he’d be able to reminisce. Dahmer would masturbate over the heads he kept.

Dahmer’s victims

Dahmer’s first murdered happened in June 1978 just after he’d graduated from high school. Daher picked up a hitchhiking by the name of Steven Hicks, took him home which was his parents home at the time and got the young man drunk where he then killed him by striking him on the head after Steven had tried to leave. Dahmer dismembered the body of Steven and buried the parts into different bags at the back of his parents house. Later on he would dig up the remains and crush the bones with a sledge hammer then continue to scatter them across a wooded area.

Steven Hicks

Dahmer was arrested in 1982 for indecent exposure. in 1986 he was arrested once again, when two boys accused him of masturbating in front of them, and he received a one-year probationary sentence.

It wasn’t until September 1987 that Dahmer took his second victim, Steven Tuomi. They checked into a hotel room together and drank, and Dahmer awoke the next morning to find Tuomi dead. Dahmer had no recollection of the previous nights antics and so he bought a large suitcase to transport Tuomi’s body to his grandmother’s basement, where he dismembered and masturbated with the corpse before disposing of the remains.

September 1989 Dahmer had an encounter with a 13 year old laotian boy, which resulted in charges for sexual explotation and second degree sexual assult, he pleaded guilty claiming he had no knowledge of his age, he pleaded that the boy appeared much older than he was. While awaiting sentencing for his sexual assault case, Dahmer again took another life, In March 1989, he lured, drugged, strangled, sodomized, photographed, dismembered and disposed of Anthony Sears.

Dahmer claimed he had realised his mistakes and was given a one year prison sentence on day release so he could still work and serve time in the prison, as well as a five year probationary sentence. Dahmer’s father admitted that he wrote a letter to the court that issued the sentence, requesting psychological help before his son’s parole. However, Jeffrey Dahmer was granted an early release by the judge, after serving only 10 months of his sentence.

Dahmer had started experimenting with different chemicals as a way of disposal, as well as eating the flesh of his victims. Dahmer also attempted crude lobotomies, drilling into victims’ skulls while they were still alive and injecting them with muriatic acid. He was careful to select victims whos disappearances would be less noticeable and reducing the risk of him being caught.

Jeffrey’s apartment

May 27, 1991 Dahmer’s neighbour called the police to report that an Asian boy was running naked in the street. When the police arrived, the boy was a mess, and they accepted the word of Dahmer that the boy was his 19-year-old lover. (The boy was 14 years old and the brother to the boy he had molested during his court case).The police escorted Dahmer and the boy back to Dahmer’s apartment not wanting to get involved in a domestic abuse distrubance and left. Once the police left the apartment Dahmer killed the boy and continued with his usual rituals. If they’d have investigated even a basic search, police officers would have found the body of Dahmer’s 12th victim, Tony Hughes. Before he was finally arrested, on July 22, 1991, he killed four more men.

How many people did Dahmer kill?

17 men.

How was Dahmer caught?

July 22, 1991. That day of the arrest –  two Milwaukee police officers picked up a man called Tracy Edwards, a 32-year-old African American man who was wandering the streets with a handcuff dangling from his wrist. They decided to investigate the man’s claims that a “weird dude” had drugged and restrained him. They arrived at Dahmer’s apartment, where he calmly offered to get the keys for the handcuffs.

The man had told the officers that there was a knife in the bedroom that Dahmer had threated him with, when the officers went to see for themselves they noticed polaroids of dismembered bodies lying around the place. Dahmer was subdued by the officers. Qucik searches revealed a head in the refrigerator, three more in the freezer and a load of other horrors, including preserved skulls, jars containing genitalia and an extensive gallery of macabre Polaroid photographs of his victims.

The trial 

The trial of Jeffrey Dahmer began in January 1992, Dahmer’s victims were all mostly african american which brought in racial tensions and so strict security precautions were taken. Including an eight-foot barrier of bulletproof glass that separated him from the gallery. The inclusion of only one African American on the jury provoked further upset, but was ultimately contained and didn’t matter in the long run.

Dahmer initially pleaded not guilty to all charges, even after having confessed to the killings during the police interrogation, but he then changed his mind to the plea of guilty by virtue of insanity. His defense then offered the gruesome details of his behavior, as proof that only someone insane could commit such terrible acts.

The jury made up their minds to believe that Dahmer was fully aware that his acts were evil and wrong and chose to commit them anyway. On February 15, 1992, they came to a decision after approximately 10 hours’ deliberation to find him guilty, but sane, on all counts. He was sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms in prison, with a 16th term tacked on in May.

Dahmer reportedly adjusted well to prison life, although he was initially kept apart from the general population for his safety as well as other inmates. He was later on allowed to integrate more fully with other inmates. He found religion in the form of books and photos sent to him by his father, and he was granted permission by the Columbia Correctional Institution to be baptized by a local pastor.

Dahmer in court

Dahmer’s death

November 28, 1994, Dahmer was assigned to work with two other convicted murderers, Jesse Anderson and Christopher Scarver. After they had been left alone to complete their tasks, guards returned to find that Scarver had brutally beaten both men with a metal bar from the prison weight room. Dahmer was pronounced dead after approximately one hour. Anderson died due to his injuries days later.

In 2015, Christopher Scarver spoke to the New York Post about his reasons for killing Dahmer. Scarver alleged that he was disturbed not only by Dahmer’s crimes, but by a habit Dahmer had developed of fashioning severed limbs from prison food to tease the other inmates. After being taunted by Dahmer and Anderson during their work assignments together, Scarver said that he confronted Dahmer about the crimes he had committed and then took to beating the two men to death. He also claimed that prison guards allowed the murders to happen by leaving them alone.



Check out Marc Meyers’s ‘My friend Dahmer’ movie!


Ross Lynch’s portray of Dahmer was phenomenal. I very much enjoyed this film, a bioptic of Dahmer’s high school life.

I recommend watching Dahmer’s last interview with stone phillips here

Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad book

Dahmer’s dad wrote a super book which i recommend reading, not sure if it’s available anymore as it’s out of print, but have a look in libraries and online!

Do you think Dahmer was evil or mentally insane?

Have you read about Jeffrey Dahmer before? What are your thoughts on his case?

Let me know your thoughts below and what you’d like to see next!


JonBenét Ramsey

Image result for jonbenet ramsey

Who was Jonbenét ramsey? 

Jonbenét was a 6 year old beauty pagent queen, who lived in Boulder Colorado. Born into the wealth of her family; father a wealthy businessman and her socialite mother.

What happened? 

The morning of December 26th 1996, Patsy Ramsey phoned the police after finding a ransom note 3 pages long. You can listen/read the 911 call here. The call was believed to be staged after experts studied. The note contained a demand of $118,000 in exchange for the safe return of her daughter.


Later that day, John Ramsey, discovered there daughter Jonbenét in their basement, dead. She’d been killed by trauma to the head and strangulation.

After the police arrived to the crime scene, none of them sealed off the home as a crime scene or search inside the premises. This meant the police were constantly coming in and out of the house all day, contaminating evidence as well as delaying the search of her body which was to be discovered in the basement. This was also believed to me a factor in a cover up, as everything was contaminated by the family and police.

Later on in the day John Ramsey, went into the basement and there was Johnbenét’s body. She’d been knocked unconscious with trauma to the head and resulted in being killed by strangulation. John Ramsey, carried JohnBenét’s body upstairs, once again contaminating a crime scene.

The suspects

The main suspects for the crime were the Ramsey’s themselves, after no evidence was shown for a forced entry. Patsy was the number one suspect. The ransom note was written on her writing pad, written with her pen and the handwriting seemed to be a similar match to her own.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 00.15.10


The ransom demand included in the note, was also found to be the exact amount of john ramsey’s christmas bonus that year, meaning only someone close with the family would of know. Theorists claim that patsy ramsey violently erupted at jonbenet after she wet her bed, which resulted in Patsy knocked her unconscious. She strangled her to cover up the abuse but also because she thought jonbenet was dead after she was knocked unconscious. she then planted the written ransom note and hid the body in the basement. Patsy was also seen as suspicious and shady because she spent most of her time on TV instead of helping and working with the police to find out what happened to her daughter.

second suspect: John Ramsey

John was asked to search the house on the day of the kiddnapping, he went straight into the basement of their home and found Jonbenét’s body. He’d been told not to touch anything in the home if found evidence, but John carried her body up upstairs and removed the duct tape from her mouth, This destroying all evidence which could of been investigated. Rumours of sexual assault started to circulate, as Jonbenét had several cases of doctor visits to do with yeast infections often. Although John denies these allegations, theorists say that John and Patsy covered up her sexual assaults by killing her.

In 999, a jury wanted to indict john and patsy ramsey for Jonbenét’s death, but the district attorney wouldn’t prosecute.


Burke Ramsey was another suspect.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 17.12.46

Growing up, the ramsey’s were protective of Burke. Burke was known to have anger issues, as he’d previously hit Jonbenét with a golf club. There was talk of Burke being jealous of his sister for being in the lime light and receiving a lot of compliment and praise from the public.

There was also two wounds on her back which were linked to his toy train tracks he had, this making it even more suspicious. There has been theories that Burke lost his temper when Jonbenét stole a piece of his pineapple and hit her over the head with a flashlight. This due to the undigested pineapple found in her stomach and a bowl of pineapple found in the kitchen. This led to a family panic, with patsy forging a ransom note, and john hiding the body, and strangling the girl to cover it up. Another odd factor is on the 911 call.  kimberly archuleta, the 911 operator who answered Patsy’s call stated that she felt the 911 call was staged, so she didn’t immediately hang up the phone. There were whispers at the end of the call, where patsy is not speaking to kim, an audio analysis suggests the audio says:

BURKE: please, what do i do?

JOHN: we’re not speaking to you.

BURKE: what did you find?

PATSY: baby, what did you do? what did you do?

This has also raised suspicious as the Ramsey’s have always claimed Burke was in his room during the 911 call.


suspect four: gary oliva, town drifter.





Bill Mcreynolds, the town santa


Bill dressed as Santa every year to entertain the children. Bill was seen as a little odd some say crazy as he took a tail of glitter which jonbenét gave him into heart surgery and asked if the glitter could be mixed with his ashes. All that was said was Jonbenét brought joy into Bill’s life. Bill passed away in 2002, so even if evidence somehow does lead to him as the murderer, he won’t go to jai.

michael helgoth, the electrician

Helgoth worked in a nearby auto salvage yard, and was apparently tied to an alleged property dispute involving the ramseys. Police also discovered a boot print which was linked to be Helgoth’s near the Ramsey’s house. This gave them a chance to have another suspect added to the case. Helgoth killed himself two days after, before he was even questioned. suspicious!


john mark karr, the schoolteacher


Karr wasn’t even considered a suspect until 10 years after the case, when he confessed via a professor from colorado Michael Tracy. They had been emailing for 4 years to gain trust, until he then falsely confessed to the murder of Jonbenét Ramsey. Emails to the professor from karr, about jonbenet took a weird sexual turn, at which point the professor ratted him out to the police. Karr was eventually dismissed as a pedophile who just wanted from recognition, this leading to the decision of him not being the killer.


linda hoffman-pugh, the housekeeper

There’s no evidence, the police just deemed her a suspect as she was the housekeeper. The police say she may have led a trusting jonbenet down to the basement and tied her up, in an attempt to get ransom money from the Ramsey family. There was no proof of this, and she’s never been formally accused of anything to this day. Although she did constantly blamed patsy, even saying:

“i think she has multiple personalities. she’d be in a good mood, and then she’d be cranky.” also  mentioning fights between patsy and jonbenet.


The Ramsey family moved back to Atlanta, Georgia, and published a memoir, The Death of Innocence, in 2001 to counter the media persecution they felt had ruined their lives.


After all the research I have done on this case, I believe that the brother did it, Burke Ramsey. Everything seems shady and suspicious about him, especially how his parents acted around him. He recently did an interview on DR Phil after 20 years of hiding. You can watch a clip of it here. His interview creeped me out, constantly smiling while talking about not murdering Jonbenét. his smile throughout just makes me feel uneasy. I definitely think that Burke did it and his parents helped him cover it up, especially with the 911 call bits that were leaked. But that is my opinion.


Who do you think did it?



Ted Bundy

Theodore Robert Bundy
Theodore Robert Bundy
classification: serial killer
characteristics: murder, rape, necrophilia
number of victims: admitted to 36
time frame of murders: 1973-1978
date of arrest: February 15th 1978
victims: young darker hair girls
method of murder: beating with crowbar/strangulation
status: executed by electric chair in floria, January 24th 1989

Who is Ted Bundy?

Ted Bundy was born in Burlington.  Eleanor Cowell was 22 years old and unmarried when she had her son Theodore, which embarrassed her strict religious parents which resulted in her being sent to unwed mothers in Vermont. Once released her parents took Ted in and raised him as their son, with Eleanor being presented as his sister. Bundy grew up in a working-class family.

Bundy showed an unusual interest in the macabre at an early age. Around the age of three, he became fascinated by knives. Bundy did well in school, but not with his classmates. As a teenager, his darker side started to emerge. Bundy liked to peep into peoples windows and think of ways in which to steal things that he wanted.

Bundy went and studied  psychology at the university of Washington where he met Elizabeth Kloepfer, who he fell in love with. Their breakup hit him hard which is why all his victims resembled her; attractive students with long, dark hair.



Bundy graduated with a degree in psychology in 1972 and had been accepted to law school in Utah.

Bundy’s victims

Most sources say that he began his murderous rampage around 1974. This is because around this time, many women in the Seattle area and in nearby Oregon went missing. Stories circulated about some of the victims last being seen in the company of a young, dark-haired man known as “Ted.” He often lured his victims into his car by pretending to be injured and asking for their help. Their kindness proved to be a fatal mistake. After he’d murdered his victims he would move them somewhere like the woods and burry them. He’d keep a track of where he’d placed them so he could go back and have sexual intercourse with the corpses.

In 1974 Ted moved to Utah to attend law school, as you can guess from the pattern; woman started to go missing in Utah around that time. The following year, the police pulled him over to search his vehicle, this led to his arrest of possession of, a crowbar, a face mask, rope and handcuffs this all being cause for burglary. This led the police to start linking him to more serious crimes.



In 1975 Bundy was arrested for the kidnapping of Carol DaRonch, who he lured into his car pretending to be a police officer. She managed to escape and pin point him out to the police. He was convicted and received a one-to-15-year jail sentence.



two years later, buddy was accused of murder charges of the murder of a young Colorado woman. He acted as his own lawyer, this gave him some freedom to use the library for research, during the trip to the library Bundy jumped out of a window and made his first escape. Bundy lasted eight days before he was found and brought back.

Bundy made his second escape in December 1977, he climbed out of his own made hole in the ceiling of his cell. He lost 30 pounds so he could fit through the small hole he’d made. 15 hours went by before he was noted as missing. He made his way to Tallahassee, Florida.

January 14th 1978 he broke into a Sority house at the university of Florida state and attacked 4 woman and killing two of them. On February 9, Bundy kidnapped and murdered a 12-year-old girl named Kimberly Leach. These crimes were the last he made before being found by the police.


How many people did Bundy kill?

Bundy admitted to killing at least 36 woman across the states but experts believe that the number may be closer to 100. We’ll never know the exact amount.

How was bundy caught?

Bundy was caught for the murders for the sorority house was because of him leaving bite marks on one of the victims, which were a match to his teeth. Bundy tried to wear down his teeth in jail to avoid the connection. Bundy was given the death penalty twice, he received another the following year for the murder of Kimberly leach.

The Trial

Bundy had a charm and intelligence as well as arrogance which somehow made him famous during his trial. Bundy spent years appealing to death sentence, he tried to take his case to the supreme caught but was turned down. He helped track down the green river killer and tried to make a deal with the courts, pleading to help them solve serial killer cases in order for his life.

The night before his execution Bundy agreed to an interview, you can watch here (I recommend, worth the watch.)Ted Bundy was executed on January 24, 1989.

You can visit Ted Bundy’s car, which there is evidence he’s killed people in. His car is in the crime and punishment museum in Washington DC.


Throughout the whole of my research on Bundy, which I’ve been doing for nearly 6 years now. The best book I’ve read was Ted Bundy: Conversations with a Killer, published in 1989 by author Stephen Michaud and journalist Hugh Aynesworth. This book contains transcripts of the tapes they recorded with Bundy. This was an interesting read as Bundy always refers to himself in the third person, this was to avoid real confession. Throughout Bundy’s time in jail, he spend most of him time denying he did any of the murder. pleading as not guilty.


I got my hands on the Ted Bunny casebook, which was issue 8 in the casebook series, definitely worth the read. You can find this cheap on eBay!



I’d avoid any books by Ann Rule, somehow who worked with ted on a suicide hotline. Reading her ‘the stranger beside me’ is full of crap in my opinion. Nothing adds up to what evidence is revealed. She was unintelligent for believing Ted wasn’t manipulating her by asking for things in Jail. She’s lived off the fame with that book. incredibly boring and seemingly very unrealistic. She barely knew him.

Bundy to me is my top serial killer, not in a glorifying way but in a research way. I find his case to be my favourite that I’ve researched. He truly believed he was innocent until the very end. Throughout his time murdering he managed to pull off so many looks that he never looked the same.



He was narcissistic psychopath, even if he was extremely intelligent. I read that they did scans of his brain and found limited activity in the area where you would feel guilt or have a conscience. Interesting to think about don’t you think.  Also an article on his brain here

Zac Efron has been casted to play Ted Bundy in an upcoming film about Bundy, filming begins in October of this year!

Have you read about Ted Bundy before? What are your thoughts on his case?


Any cases you’d like to see on my blog?




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My name is Bethany and I’ve decided to start a true crime blog. True crime is something I’ve been interested in for 6 years now. I’ve researched all sorts of cases; unsolved, serial killers, mass murders, school shootings and strange disappearances.

I’m going to be studying criminology and criminal psychology at the university of greenwich in a few weeks and I thought what better way to celebrate than by creating my own blog to discuss/put my thoughts out about cases I’ve researched.

On my blog I’m going to do different segments

  • Unsolved cases
  • Disappearances
  • Serial Killers
  • Mass Murders
  • School shootings

Let me know if there is any particular cases you’d like to see featured on my blog.

I’m super excited about this, I love blogging and I can’t wait to indulge into some true crime and write about it.