The Ted Bundy – Tapes



Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’ll be familiar with the release of ‘The Ted Bundy tapes’ on Netflix. This Netflix originally was released on the 24th January 2019, marking 30 years since Bundy’s execution.  The documentary consists of four, 50 minute long episodes. The documentary presents a timeline of events in chronological order, informative for those who aren’t familiar with the the time scale of events.

The documentary features some of those who knew bundy personally, from childhood friends, journalists, and victims. I was happy to see Carol DaRonch featured in the documentary, hearing her own words speak about her encounter with Bundy was super chilling. I’ve read many things about her experience with Bundy, but watching her talk was something else.


The journalists who conducted the tapes with Bundy were in it, along with detectives who worked the case. I found this super interesting to have, telling their side of things. I really liked how they showed bits of the trial so those who haven’t watched the videos (all available on youtube) could see how Ted acted in court.

Just like the book transcriptions of the tapes, bundy speaks about the crimes in third person, Bundy “imagines”, a man who kills in the hope of fulfilling “an appetite. He was too ‘intelligent’ for his own good, especially at not being lured anywhere near to confessing. Bundy spoke about  his thoughts, which are about as disturbing as his murderous motives.

I did enjoy this documentary, the first Bundy documentary I have enjoyed. It was filled with accurate research (which many lack) and chronological facts. Although I have researched Ted Bundy and his case for nearly 7 years, therefore for me it didn’t provide and new facts or even footage in which would shock me. I personally would have enjoyed more footage of the tapes and perhaps a more in depth view on his motives. I feel as though many who watch the documentary who are unaware of Bundy’s case will lack the information on his motives.

I do feel as though they did leave some important things out, but that’s because I have research this case too deeply.

Although there are 100 hours of tape footage, there wasn’t much used in the documentary. When this netflix original was announced I was ecstatic, I never thought we’d be able to hear the tapes in which are notoriously spoken about. I was a little let down with the lack of footage we heard, but all in all I was happy with the documentary.

I would strongly recommend reading the conversations with a killer – Ted bundy by Hugh Aynesworth and Stephen G. Michaud. (full a lot more tape talk)



I also recommend this ‘The Only Living Witness’ also by Hugh Aynesworth and Stephen G. Michaud



Keep your eyes pealed for the release of The Bundy film released this year


What are your thoughts on the documentary?



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