The Covina Massacre

  The Covina massacre happened on Christmas eve (Dec 24th) 2008, in Covina, California. Nine people were killed at a Christmas Eve party. Bruce Jeffrey Pardo dressed up as Santa and unexpectedly arrived at the Ortega home of his ex in-laws house at around 11:30pm and immediately shot an 8 year old girl who opened … Continue reading The Covina Massacre

Edgar Allen Poe

During June 1849 Poe was on a tour to raise funds for a literary magazine he hoped to publish. On September 27, 1849, Poe was supposed to board a ferry from Richmond, Virginia, to Baltimore, and then he'd continue on to New York. The night before the ferry trip he visited a doctor in Richmond … Continue reading Edgar Allen Poe

Richard Ramirez

classification: serial killer characteristics: murder, rape, necrophilia number of victims: 14 time frame of crimes: J:une 1984 until August 1985 date of arrest: August 31, 1985 status: died on deathrow    Who is Richard Ramirez? Richard Ramirez was an american serial killer, he did admit to killing 14 people and raped / tortured more than that. … Continue reading Richard Ramirez